Roadside Assistance

Make use of our roadside assistance services in Wasilla, AK

Bring Your Dead Battery Back to Life

A dead or dying battery can stop your car right in its tracks. Get it going again with a jump-start service from Alaska Transportation Equipment Services in Wasilla, AK. We can jump-start a variety of vehicles, ranging from motorcycles to small RVs.

Since the final cost of a jump-start can be impacted by factors like your car's insurance and mileage, we make it easy to get a free estimate. Just give us a call and provide us with the relevant information to get a quick and accurate quote.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our jump-start services.

Handling all your roadside problems

Along with jump-starting your car, we offer several other types of roadside assistance. Our services include:

  • Lockout assistance: We'll unlock your car if you've been locked out.
  • Tire changes: Have us swap out your flat tire with your spare.
  • Winch-outs: Our team will safely recover your stuck vehicle.
Contact our team whenever you're in need of roadside assistance.